The World's Leading
Trading Platform

The only platform in the world that wants you to win

The World's Leading
Trading Platform

About USTrade


USTrade was founded with the mission of giving trading opportunities to everyone around the globe. Our vision is to create attractive profits and 100% transparent transactions for our customers.


Our goal is to create the simplest online trading platform and we spend most of our time providing the best educational programs in the world for our customers.

Help the Community

We are always interested in the success of all traders and investors. We are proud to have helped millions of people worldwide make a profit from their investment.

Why Should You Choose to Trade With USTrade?

Transparent & very attractive

The only exchange that pays IB to referrals in a transparent & very attractive way

No price difference

The only broker says NO to adding Spread (price difference) when the client trades

Freedom to choose the trading platform

The only trading platform that gives players the freedom to choose the world's leading trading platforms when trading Forex or cryptocurrencies before trading.

Large volume transactions

The only unique trading platform that allows players to trade & execute large orders.

Fastest liquidity

Unique single exchange guarantees the fastest liquidity & order matching.

Capital turnover in 1 minute

The only exchange that allows players to quickly spin capital rounds, with trading results in just 1 minute.


The most transparent trading platform in the world. Allow traders around the world to trade with each other. Instead of Traders, you must trade with Brokers or Market Makers.

Play a neutral role

The only exchange that plays a neutral role with market news or with any other organization

Support by artificial intelligence

The only exchange that supports trading using Robots or Artificial Intelligence (AI)


The world's unique trading platform helps you make

300% of your profits

Trade 3 device at once on with any place where you are.

Sync with any device

For phones

For computers

For website

How To Get Started With USTrade

Send money

Contact the person who helped you get to know us and create an account


You can choose to trade cryptocurrencies (Crypro Currency) or Forex

Withdrawal of profits

You are entitled to withdraw all your profits


USTrade is the world leader in the online trading industry

According to VFSC

In accordance with Vanuatu Financial Services Commission

Regulation of FMRRC

According to the regulation of Financial Market Relations Center

The only exchange in the world wishing you to win

The only platform that facilitates investors to deal directly with each other, not losing to brokers or market makers

We have created over 1,000,000 trusted customers in over 30 countries


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Contact the person who helped you know us to join the global financial revolution

The company does not provide services to citizens and permanent residents of the United States, Canada, the Common Economic Area of Europe, Sweden, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Korea, Puerto Rico, Sudan

Payment methods

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